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Residential AC Installation

Residential AC Installation

Believe it or not, if your air conditioning unit is over 7 years old, it may be considered inefficient by today’s energy efficiency standards. If your unit is struggling to keep your home cool, driving your energy bills up, or requiring frequent repairs, it might make sense to consider a new unit. Today’s units are efficient enough that, often times, they end up saving people money in the long run. This tends to make them more affordable than most realize. In fact, newer units could potentially save you as much as 40% on your energy bill! Not only are units more energy efficient, they also greatly improve air quality.


At Specialized Services, we understand that purchasing a new air conditioning unit is a major purchase. We strive to make the process as easy as possible. Finding a unit that fits not only your home, but also your budget, is essential. Our technicians take careful note of your needs and, after sizing and assessing your home, will only present to you what’s best for both. We offer several brands and sizes of units to meet the demands of all types and sizes of homes. Whether you are looking to replace your unit, you are ready to upgrade to central air, or you are needing a unit for a new build, we are ready to help! Years of comfort are only a phone call away!

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