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Residential AC Service & Repair

Residential AC Service & Repair


With temperatures that soar well above 100 degrees during most Kansas summers, having an air conditioning unit that is reliable, effective, and efficient is a must. To ensure your unit is performing at maximum efficiency, it’s imperative to have your air conditioner inspected and cleaned each year. Over time, coils inside of your unit can become clogged, resulting in lower air quality, higher utility bills, overworked parts, and air that isn’t as cold as it should be. Having your unit inspected also helps prevent unforeseen problems striking during the hottest time of the summer. We, at Specialized Services, take pride in our timely, professional, and honest technicians. With courteous service and affordability, you can’t go wrong with Specialized Services.


The weather in Kansas can be unexpected, sometimes leading to unexpected repairs. Often times breakdowns occur when your air conditioner is running its hardest, usually in the middle of the summer. If you find yourself needing repairs, whether the temperatures are soaring or you suspect a problem before it’s the peak of the summer, Specialized Services is prepared to get you back up and running in a manner that is as quick and painless as possible. Our experienced professionals have top of the line equipment and parts for most makes and models of units on hand to ensure a timely repair. We offer 24 hour emergency repair, so day or night, we are ready to help get your home comfortable again.

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